Specialty Classes

Advanced Open Water If you plan to become a highly skilled diver, you should enroll in the SSI AOW course. Advanced Open Water is not a certification, but rather a recognition that you have become certified in 4 specialty classes and have at least 24 open water dives. By purchasing the AOW Bundle you get 4 classes (Deep Diving, ... Find Out More

Classified Diving The SSI Classified Diving program provides adaptive training to students with limited mobility and/or sensory disorders, allowing them to obtain Open Water Certification by diving with one or more Classified Dive Buddies or a Classified Dive Professional. Through this program, individuals with disabilities or limi... Find Out More

Decompression Diving The SSI Decompression Diving Specialty will teach you how to dive beyond the no-decompression limits. Find Out More

Deep Diving The SSI Deep Diving Specialty will teach you all you need to dive to depths between 18 and 40 meters, through a mixture of academic sessions and open water dives. You will learn to plan and safely complete your deep diving adventures and use computers and gas consumption calculations to get the most from your deep dive... Find Out More

Dive Guide The Dive Guide program is the first step on an exciting journey to becoming a Dive Professional! Learn to safely lead certified divers in various environments and conditions. By giving dive briefings, doing site evaluations, and leading dives, you will become a confident Dive Guide in no time. Begin your divi... Find Out More

Drysuit Diving Make diving a year-round activity by using a dry suit. The Drysuit diving class will teach you how to select and properly use your personally fitted dry suit. Find Out More

Enriched Air Nitrox You no longer have to make a choice between safety and longer dive times – nitrox is the key. This is our most popular specialty program, and it will teach you everything you need to know about enriched air nitrox. This program is also a prerequisite for getting involved in Technical Diving. Have you ever drea... Find Out More

Equipment Techniques Choosing and buying your dive equipment is one of the biggest and most important investments you will make as a diver, but it is easy to get it a bit wrong. We want you to choose the right dive kit for your needs and know how to look after it properly. With the right knowledge, you can get the most from your investment... Find Out More

Full Face Mask ‚ÄčThe SSI Full Face Mask Diver specialty course is designed to introduce you to the skills used in diving with a full-face mask. This class will include both academic and hands-on, in-water sessions. Find Out More

Gas Blender Nitrox/TriMix This program teaches the skills and concepts required to safely blend nitrox and helium-based trimix blends for mixed-gas diving. This is a non-diving program that is open to certified and uncertified divers, and teaches the mathematics, physics and techniques required to safely blend breathing gases. You will earn the... Find Out More

Ice Diving Learn about ice diving environments, special equipment, special planning for ice dives, and emergency procedures. Find Out More

Navigation In this specialty program, you will gain the advanced skills and knowledge you need to safely and confidently navigate underwater. You will learn how to use a compass and natural navigation techniques, estimate distance, how to leave and return to a designated point, plus basic navigation patterns. You will also be tau... Find Out More

Night and Limited Visibility Just because the visibility is limited doesn’t mean the opportunities have to be! This program is filled with information about planning and conducting night and limited visibility dives. Learn how to be safe and have fun in these challenging environments! While diving at night you can discover a differ... Find Out More

Perfect Buoyancy Do you want to increase your buoyancy control, minimize your breathing gas consumption, or move effortlessly above the ocean floor? Find Out More

React Right React Right is a CPR, AED, O2, and First Aid course. It is mainly focused on diving emergencies and how to handle them. Find Out More

Science of Diving Earning your Open Water Diver Certification opens up a new underwater world, filled with opportunities to learn about physics, physiology, and chemistry, and how they affect the human body while scuba diving. Your education does not have to end with your entry-level certification! The training provided in the SSI Scien... Find Out More

Search and Recovery You will be taught how to use search patterns, specialized dive plans, and equipment such as lift bags, lines, and reels. Find Out More

Stress and Rescue How to prevent accidents and be taught practical techniques to conduct rescues and provide emergency care. Find Out More

Weed Control Diver This course is designed in collaboration with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) and NAUI to develop the knowledge and skills needed to help combat variable milfoil in New Hampshire. You will learn about and earn a NAUI Certification* approved by NHDES in weed control methods and how to... Find Out More

Wreck Diving/Advanced Wreck Diving Many of the ocean’s best dive sites are wrecks. These impressive structures attract unusually high densities of marine life and give you the chance to immerse in living history as you dive. There is nothing quite like wreck diving and the SSI Wreck Diving specialty will give you all the skills and knowledge you n... Find Out More