• Dublin Pond (Lake) -- Dublin, NH

Dublin Pond (Lake) -- Dublin, NH

Dive Master, Tom Burnett, is done diving here for the season. Please join us next Spring every Saturday (weather permitting) exploring Dublin Pond in a 2-tank Dive starting at 2:00 pm. Dublin Lake is a 240-acre body of water about 0.8 miles long and 0.6 miles at its widest point. The max depth is 110 feet. It is mostly spring-fed. While Dublin Lake has minimal plant life and fish, it offers some unique surprises. These include tethered hula hoops to practice your buoyancy and target skills; gnomes; memorial plaques, and more! Legend has it that a yet-to-be-classified form of “sea monster“ dwells in caverns at the deepest point of the lake. Please contact the shop if you would like to join him or have questions about the dive.No Charge.

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