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Part Number:414169 Manufacturer: Mares Color: BLACK

The Quad Air scuba dive computer is reliable, intuitive and easy to use.
With its clear display and large data viewer, the Quad Air allows divers to instantly and easily read their depth, time, decompression, and cylinder pressure at a glance. The user interface is divided into three segments, with the most important parameters displayed in bigger numbers for increased communicative effectiveness.

One of the Quad Air's key strengths is its low battery consumption, which allows for up to 150 dives on a single user-replaceable commercial battery (for battery replacement, please contact your local Mares dealer. Refer to the Mares Locator). Additionally, the Quad Air can integrate tank data for up to three transmitters (sold separately), providing quick and intuitive communication to the diver and their companions. The transmitters use radiofrequency and feature a color-coded LED that changes from green (above 180 bar) to yellow (100 bar) to red (50 bar) to indicate the tank pressure level.

The Quad Air features mirrored buttons on the dial, which makes it easy to operate regardless of which arm it is worn on. It also includes a 'Runaway Deco Alarm' that alerts the diver when staying at the current depth will result in a significant increase in mandatory decompression stops, and a 'Deco Dive Planner' that adapts the surface interval input to the diver's needs.

Another great feature of the Quad Air is the multi-blend function, which allows for the tuning of three different probes and mixtures in a single dive without looking at the gauge, providing a high level of customization for divers.

The Quad Air is capable of downloading logbook data, and receiving firmware updates. Through the use of the Mares Dive Organizer Program (PC) and in conjunction with the Dive Link 2 USB interface clip and cable, data can be transferred between the Quad Air and the Dive Organizer Program.

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