• Advanced Open Water

Advanced Open Water

If you plan to become a highly-skilled diver, you should get enrolled in an SSI AOWD course. The program is actually a recognition level, not a certification. An SSI AOWD recognition enables you to gain advanced scuba skills in your choice of four certifications. By purchasing the AOW Bundle you get 4 classes at a greatly reduced rate!  It will also teach you in-depth scuba knowledge and help you feel comfortable while diving in the open water. If you already have an Open Water Certification, you will become certified in four specialty courses and open for yourself new avenues for scuba diving adventure. These certifications usually include Navigation, Night & Limited Visibility, Deep, and one other specialty course.  Choose from: Boat Diving, Equipment techniques, Perfect Buoyancy, Nitrox, or any of the Ecology Courses.

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The best thing after acquiring the SSI AOWD recognition certification is that you will be only one scuba diving specialty away from becoming an SSI Master Diver, the Level 4 Diver recognition. All you would need is a total of 50 dives and the SSI Science of Diving Program. Then you are well on your way to the Professional track if that is something that you would like to pursue.

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