Perfect Buoyancy Control Class

Proper buoyancy control can only be mastered with proper training. The Perfect Buoyancy class will improve your swimming position and reduce your effort which will lead to less air consumption. In addition, proper buoyancy control is the best skill for environmental protection.

Every diver wants to be a “good diver” – Perfect buoyancy control is the first step in this direction. Improving your buoyancy control skills is highly recommended. Every diver who wants to improve diving skills and at the same time wants to perform active environmental protection should take a perfect buoyancy course.

Nearly every diver who wants to dive on great spots on holiday is requested to do a Check-Dive and buoyancy control is one of the essential skills that has to be performed. This isn’t done to stress you out at the start of your vacation. It is done to protect the reefs you will be diving around. The destruction and harm caused by divers with weak buoyancy skills is having an impact on reefs worldwide. Additionally, perfect buoyancy control is a prerequisite for nearly all Specialty Courses.


Course Content:

  • The equipment for buoyancy control
  • The basic knowledge of buoyancy
  • Controlling your buoyancy in the water
  • Perfect buoyancy control as an active contribution to the underwater world

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Check our online schedule for class dates and times or call (603) 889-7655 for more information

Contact us for more information!

Check our online schedule for class dates and times or call for more information

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